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Handmade Stained Glass Cabochons - Green Rainbow Glass

Handmade Stained Glass Cabochons - Green Rainbow Glass

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These stained glass cabochons are made from recycled pieces of stained glass I have left over from my artwork projects. I break them into cool shapes, and then melt them down like crazy in my kiln - sometime fusing different colors together - and voila! Stained glass cabochons are born, and no two are alike. The snowflakes of the glass cabochon world.

These are glossy and rounded on the top, and flat and rough on the bottom - same as a gem or stone cab. See how the amazing Jamie at DangBraveGirl used one of these cabochons in a Mala at (links to image from her site).

The greenest ones are partly opaque and partly transparent - very pretty colors. The more white you see, the more opaque they are.

I'm an artist from the Pacific Northwest who's been creating stained glass artwork for nearly 20 years. I never throw away my stained glass - I've been trying to find beautiful ways to re-use all of the pieces left over from my artwork, both to protect the environment and to make sure this beautiful glass is used!
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