Recycling Glass into Window Jewelry

Recycling Glass into Window Jewelry

The process of making stained glass artwork creates a lot of glass scraps. Sometimes you can use them in smaller works, or repurpose them in mosaics or other glass crafts.

I like to melt the heck out of them in my little kiln, and then hang them from silver chains. I call them window jewelry. The process is in the Instagram video below. 

These are not jewelry - the edging around each glass blob contains lead and so they should not be worn! Additionally, being glass, I'd be careful about having them on your body.

Rather, they are window or wall decor. String them across your window as a bird deflector, or along the edge of a mantel, or around your tree during the holidays. 

And if you do hang them on a window, please do not use a suction cup - tempting as it is, anything as heavy as glass and lead should never be subject to the whims of moisture, temperature, and suction. Please always use either a nail or screw, or an adhesive hook!  


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