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I'm Noelle, and I am a rockhound, wanderer, and artist. Wherever I go - and I will go pretty much anywhere - I love to comb waterways, beaches and riverbeds, always curious to see what the water has waiting for me that day.

I have always seen and collected towards the translucent bits - sea glass, agates, quartz - the "glassyrocks." I began working with stained glass over 20 years ago so I could explore creatively displaying these treasures, and now I can't stop. I also discovered that all those bits in the waterways come from the mountains, and joined three rock clubs, and...yeah, I'm one of those.

I make every handmade piece from scratch - carefully hand-selecting every agate, gemstone, crystal and piece of stained glass and glass, so that they fit perfectly together. 

I didn't really appreciate all of the artwork that surrounded me growing up near New York City. But apparently it made an impact, as I graduated many years later from the University of Washington with a Master's Degree in Art History,* a degree I actively refused to use for the next 20 years as I pursued a career in digital marketing in tech.

Then, covid. So, more art. I needed to create beauty, put it out into the world - to define forms that were tangible, sharable, and had meaning. More than zeros and ones, coming back from the ether.

Color and light and form, and a little bit of magic.


Upcoming Shows

Past Juried Shows

  • Edmonds Wreath Walk, December 2022
  • Urban Craft Market at Fairview, December 2022
  • Urban Craft Uprising Winter Show, December 2022
  • Urban Craft Uprising Summer Show, August 2022
  • Mount Vernon Garden & Art Show, June 2022
  • Urban Craft Uprising Edmonds Spring Fest, May 2022



    * For a night of light reading, please be sure to look up one of two copies of Symbols of Power and the Papacy: The Legacy of Ancient Egypt in Renaissance and Counter-Reformation Rome, currently only available (limited edition!) at the University of Washington library. It's rad.