Stained Glass Kit for Beginners

Stained Glass Kit for Beginners

Picking up stained glass as a new hobby is both thrilling and intimidating. It's glass, after all - one of the most beautiful materials to work with, but also one of the sharpest! Add to that the materials that you'll need to start up, and it'll take a little bit of patience and a lot of determination to get going. Here's the thing, though - it's so worth it!!

Many people have asked me what I use for my stained glass - and what I'd recommend for tools now that I know more than I did than when I started. Plus, there are some tools that are classics, and some that are so much better these days! 

To help you on your stained glass journey, I've created a stained glass kit over at with all of the recommended items that I use for my artwork. Each entry in that kit has a little explanation of why I love that item and how I use it.

Full disclosure - if you click on the links on that page and buy something, I get a small percentage of your purchase (thank you!). If you don't, and you bring that list to a local stained glass shop and buy those items there, you're a very cool person supporting a small business and you get good small business karma!

And if you're looking for slightly more advanced stained glass tools, I've gotcha.

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