Stained Glass Pattern Resources

Stained Glass Pattern Resources

Several of my patterns use more non-traditional items or supplies in them. If you're having a hard time finding them near you, I've compiled a list of links for items on Amazon or Etsy below. Theoretically, I might get a percentage of what you buy through these links, which would be *amazing* for an artist like me. It's not a whole lot, but it is very much appreciated nonetheless.

A safety note - please keep in mind that you MUST ventilate your work area. Solder and flux fumes are no joke, and soldering irons make things HOT. I have met several *former* glass artists who started many decades ago without the knowledge we have now, and who suffered bodily harm because of the lack of ventilation in their studios. Be safe!

Supplies for Plant Stems and Panels

  • Copper rods, for stakes,  3mm
  • Brass rods, for stakes - 2mm
  • Tinned copper wire for detailing - 14 gauge (thicker) or 18 gauge (thinner)
  • Hobby came - you can find it in smaller quantities there as well, but the 3lb spool is a much better deal. Choose from flat and round; for my more modern style, I like the flat.
  • Enamel paints

Supplies for Gemstone Patterns

Supplies for Buddy Patterns

Supplies for Hanging Patterns

Supplies for Stained Glass Patterns - Generally Speaking

This is everything I use!

What did I forget? Let me know!

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