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GlassyRock Arts

Stained Glass Gnome, SVG for Laser Cutting

Stained Glass Gnome, SVG for Laser Cutting

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Make some laser cut stained glass! This hand-drawn gnome SVG is ready for your Glowforge or any other laser cutter - Cricut, too. This stained glass SVG download is ready to cut - choose your colors and go! Once completed, you can make your own acrylic stained glass gnome buddy, and you can sell your work, as the price includes commercial licensing for physical product (details below). The current cut size is 10" tall by 6.5" wide. 

DETAILS: The sample you see in the photo was made on a 40W Epilog with a 12x18" bed, using 1/8" thick acrylic. I cut the outline first - the "solder" - and then kerfed the inlays - the "glass" - based on my machine's laser width and shape. Then I cut those out, inserted them into the outline, added a little bit of acrylic glue to make sure they never, ever come out, and voila! A very quick, repeatable kind of "stained glass" artwork. 

SVG FILES: Every download includes instructions, a Glowforge ready file with a 1pt line, and a file made for other laser cutters, with a thinner line of 0.001". Both files include an outline layer (the "solder"), and a series of inlays layers (the "glass") which you can cut in any order you like as you choose the colors you want.

BACKGROUND: I am a stained glass artist who creates both artwork and pattern designs, and I started making SVGs of my stained glass patterns after hearing from my clients that they wished there was a different type of stained glass - a safer and lighter kind that was kid-friendly and cat-safe(r). After doing a ton of experimenting, I'm excited to bring these SVGs to you so you can have fun making these stained glass patterns in a medium other than glass. If you do make them and post them on social media, I hope you'll tag @glassyrockarts, @stainedglasslasercut, or use the hashtag #stainedglasslasercut!

LICENSING: This download includes both a hobby and commercial license. No reproduction of SVG/pattern of any kind is permitted, whether in print, digital, online, resale, or any other reproduction method not mentioned herein. Creation of items for personal or commercial use is permitted with design credit to Noelle Barnes/GlassyRock Arts/@glassyrockarts. Purchase of this item signifies your agreement to this license. 

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