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Young Buck Buddy with Antlers Stained Glass Pattern

Young Buck Buddy with Antlers Stained Glass Pattern

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Includes hobby and commercial license! This curious young buck stained glass suncatcher will pop up from the corner of a window frame and peek inside - the pattern is an instant download, ready for you to make. This deer suncatcher can be attached to the window frame with stick-on hooks, screws, or nails, depending on what your frame is made from.

PAPER SIZE: This pattern will print out on 11x17" paper. The file is a PDF.

ITEM: This listing is for a *digital pattern download* and contains two versions of the pattern - one that will hang from the left and one that will hang from the right. This listing is only for the pattern - no other materials are included. Many more animal (and deer) patterns here!

LICENSING: This download includes both a hobby and commercial license. Patterns cannot be reproduced, published (other than printing for personal use), or shared. If you do sell your finished work, please give a credit to Noelle Barnes/GlassyRock Arts as the designer.

SIZING: Once completed, this piece measures 8.5” wide and 11” tall as printed on 11x17” paper – you can scale up or down if needed.

MATERIALS NEEDED: Glass, foiling tape, solder, the materials to solder them all together (flux, a soldering iron, etc.), hanging loops, and strong U-channel lead came. The came is important - the piece needs the structure of the came on the hanging sides. You can also use a bit of white glass paint to add highlights to the eyes, which can be made with either copper foil or black paint.

TIPS ON HANGING: While there are loops for "hanging" on the bottom of the piece, those are there for stability and for supporting the weight of the piece. Make sure your rings are big enough for the method of hanging - i.e. if you're going to use mini Command hooks or similar adhesive hooks on a vinyl or metal window frame for example, make sure the rings you attach are big enough to hang on those hooks.

SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate.

DELIVERY: After your purchase (thanks!), this site will present you with a link to download your PDF. You'll receive a confirmation email and an email with download instructions. 

Copyright © Noelle Barnes/GlassyRock Arts.

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